Transparency starts as a mindset change.

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At Altezzasys we take great pride in our corporate culture. It’s an area in which we typically receive high marks in our annual employee survey, with 86% of employees telling us they feel proud to work at Altezzasys.

We define our corporate culture by five core values that apply to everything we do. They are: willingness to take risks, striving for excellence, intellectual honesty, directness, and making a contribution.

These values are felt directly in the workplace. Our core values create an atmosphere free of politics, where individual contributions are respected. We value open and direct person-to-person communication. And our commitment to intellectual honesty means that we can have candid conversations, recognize our mistakes and learn from them.

Integrity is at the bedrock of our culture. We expect each individual to operate at the highest ethical standard, placing the interest of the company first, colleagues second and himself third.

Our professional relationships are guided by a set of standards we call Our Code. These principles govern how we act toward customers, competitors, partners, vendors, government regulators, stockholders and fellow employees, as well as the community at large. We believe that these standards have driven our past success and will help determine our future.