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Altezzasys was founded in 2014 by industry veterans , with a vision to grow a living company that would continue to be prosperous in 100 years. They drew inspiration from simple things around and uniquely, they were not building a business to sell, instead they wanted to foster a culture that would outlast them.

As Altezzasys grew, it was important to formalise the core values of the business, and following extensive team and customer research, the core ethos of ‘Passion to deliver’ became the central framework. In simple terms it means the firm commitment of our team to building lasting relationships with our clients and sharing the responsibility of delivering their outcomes. Although we have evolved from an implementation partner to designing and delivering tangible outcomes across the information management value chain, this ethos has remained at our core.

We also inculcated the Service Profit Chain, which is the management philosophy that happy, engaged team would equate to happy loyal clients, and the by-product is success. From the beginning our focus was on the success of the team and our clients, not profits. This has proven to be a success within Altezzasys in that the average tenure of our team members is over 3 years and that we continue to partner with our first client, 4 years on.

Since our first steps into Consulting , Staffing & Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence , we now have 4 offices across UK , US and India , working within a range of industries including Telecommunications, Health, Transport and Logistics, FSI, Higher Education and Government.