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Altezzasys believes in transparent discussions during the hiring process. While a prospective candidate would be encouraged to cooperate for background checks and verifications; another important parameter is disclosure about pre-employment history with Altezzasys. All prospective candidates are expected to disclose their employment history to Altezzasys hiring teams at the earliest opportunity. Candidates would be asked to provide their pre-employment status at the time of first interaction with recruiters, at the time of submission of EAF and other pre-employment documents, at the time of getting first offer and at the time of accepting offer. Any intentional non-disclosure of the pre-employment status may entitle Altezzasys to modify the offer or reject the offer of employment or terminate employment of the Candidate at its sole discretion with no further liability to the Candidate. Any waiver or exception to this rule will be at Altezzasys’s sole discretion.